Aer gopro

AER lets you shoot aerial photos. You can now pre-order AER : the most simple and fun way to shoot aerial videos with your GoPro camera. We are totally hyped to share this project with you! AER is an incredibly fun device for your GoPro that can. Ich teste AER , eine Wurfdrohne für GoPros.

Luftaufnahmen ohne teure Drohne.

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature. We already raised over $80. Combining the view of a drone with the go-everywhere nature of a GoPro, this Aer GoPro Dart will give you a new perspective without the hassle. This hand held foam dart allows you to insert your GoPro in the hea screw the top, and then throw it as high and far as you like. Nope, just snap your GoPro into this Nerf football looking thing, turn the camera on, and throw it with all your might.

AER is simply a foam dart designed to fly straight and far . You securely place your camera inside and lock the waterproof AER casing around it. Then you just start throwing it around as your GoPro records.

Yes, the captures are limited by how high and how far you can throw, and you have little control over where the . Who said aerial shots required a pricey drone? Before the AER GoPro Dart came along, the only remarkable way to capture sweet aerial views with your GoPro camera was dropping a substantial amount of cash on a drone. No more need for an expensive drone, with AER you can throw your GoPro to capture sweet aerial shots. Simply snap your GoPro into this Nerf-style football, slide on the wings, screw it shut, and throw it hurdling through the air toward your subject t. One company called AERVideo set out to solve this problem when they created a device called the AER. It allows you to use your existing GoPro camera to shoot aerial footage while also having fun.

In a nutshell, the AER is thrown after a GoPro is placed inside of it, which is how the gadget gets airborne. But AER has developed a way to get aerial shots without needed to spring for a DJI Phantojust throw your GoPro in the air with a fitted dart. They got skier Nicolas Vuignier to show how it works. With their eyes on the goal of changing the game of aerial photography and videography, they worked on improving the AER as a product and as a brand every day for the past year. You first need to stick a GoPro in the nose and then start it . With the AER , you can turn your GoPro into a lawn dart, hurl it through the air, or drop it from a cliff.

The AER is a Kickstarter project that looks to take the same concussion-avoiding principles of the classic foam Nerf football and apply it to your GoPro instead. AERVIDEO claims that the AER ,. Remember those Nerf Vortex footballs with the wings on the back you probably played with growing up? AER , the latest GoPro accessory, is designed to give GoPro cameras a set of aerodynamic wings and crash-proof bumper for a different type of photo experience.

Get a whole new perspective for your action shots with the AER Aerial Video Device for GoPro.

Easy to use and set up, this system cradles your GoPro action cam in place and is aerodynamically designed so you can throw it through the air. The shape of AER allows your GoPro to get a front row seat all the .