Aluminum mast corrosion repair

The damage shown below was caused by eye. Masts are sometimes made of different sections riveted together from new, so it might be possible to have a similar section joined in. Masts can also have different sections TIG welded on, often for the cantilever section of fractional rigs, so TI.

How does aluminum avoid corrosion ? Signs of Trouble If your boat has paint over aluminum fittings or structures such as the mast , be on the lookout for early signs of corrosion.

And it turns out that this saves the Coast Guard untold sums in paint, metal maintenance, and repair while it increases the service life of the alloy hulls. We have a sailboat with a painted aluminum mast and boom that we keep down on the Texas gulf coast. Over the years, the salt air has led to corrosion pitting in the aluminum under the paint. Upon further inspection i have noticed a small area of galvanic corrosion above the cabin, on the forward side of the mast , where a stainless fitting was mounted. How to repair aluminium mast.

Remember that it is the circumferential area of the mast that matters. Mast can and often do have holes in them which are just a small part of the circle.

The cracking can be repaired with doublers of ali . I will need to replace the anodising to prevent corrosion. I have removed all of the hardware from the. You need International brand Etch Primer for aluminium , two part mix, base and hardener, like epoxy. If you have forgotten what the projec t was about, see first page.

My temporary repair in Port Vila worked well all the way and we arrived safely in Australia a couple. At first, my plan was to enlarge the original bolt holes in the aluminium mast and put in threaded rivets (or threaded inserts, as they are also called). Recently I became aware that my mast has about small pin head sized corrosion holes in it.

Since aluminum is more reactive than stainless, the mast tube around the stainless rivets will begin to corrode and weaken. When it comes time to repairing your spars, like a loose rivet or you observe corrosion starting to develop, having a few tools on hand and some knowledge can go a long way and . Would you mind sharing the cost of such work on your mast ? I wonder if such repairs would impede the performance of . Corrosion of Aluminium mast in region of stainless screw. New Stainless fitting sealed with zinc chromate paste (green) in order to avoid such galvanic action. What is the best way to patch old rivet holes (removed boom vang) or corroded areas around riveted hardware on black anodized aluminum booms and masts ?

This is likely to be poultice corrosion which. I was thinking of using JB Weld before spray painting. When exposed to air, oxygenated seawater, or fresh water, aluminum quickly develops a tough, transparent oxide film that is resistant to corrosion.

There is, however, an aesthetic . Dear All, Looking for best solutions to repair the galvanic corrosion shown in the photos below. Have had everything from a Kevlar collar, to cutting and soldering a new piece of aluminum , to riveting an aluminum collar suggeste but would appreciate all of your .