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Ambiguous definition: If you describe something as ambiguous , you mean that it is unclear or confusing because. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. When someone describes something loosely, either due to a lack of more descriptive vernacular, or more commonly, they are being vague because they are afraid to confront a person or situation with how they actually feel.

People are sometimes ambiguous because their true opinion is brash, rare, too personal, and they . English dictionary definition of ambiguous. Open to more than one interpretation: an ambiguous reply. Doubtful or uncertain: The theatrical status of her frequently derided but constantly. Define ambiguous (adjective) and get synonyms.

What is ambiguous (adjective)? Definition of ambiguous : Unclear or uncertain. An ambiguous phrase is one that is not easy to understan and often could be interpreted different ways.

Something ambiguous can occasionally be deceptive, either.

Politicians are masters of ambiguous. Licensed from iStockPhoto. The definition of ambiguous is something that is unclear or not easily describable.

An example of someone who might give an ambiguous answer to a question is a politician who is talking to his constituents. YourDictionary definition and . Ambiguous images or reversible figures are optical illusion images which exploit graphical similarities and other properties of visual system interpretation between two or more distinct image forms. These are famous for inducing the phenomenon of multistable perception. Multistable perception is the occurrence of an image . Changing the value of any parameter will always move the curve further from the data and increase the sum-of-squares.

Meaning: having double meaning, shifting, changeable, doubtful, adjective derived from ambigere to dispute about, conten… See more definitions. The Ambiguous Ending trope as used in popular culture. An ambiguous time is a time that maps to more than one Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). When handling an ambiguous time, you can do one of the following:. Ambiguous refers to something that has more than one possible interpretation or a double meaning, a situation or language that is hard to classify or appears obscure.

Related words are ambiguously, ambiguousness, ambiguity. Ambiguous comes from the Latin word ambiguus which means having double meaning, . The instructions my boss left me were so ambiguous that in the en I had to wing it. Las instrucciones que me dejó mi jefe eran tan ambiguas que al final, tuve que improvisar.

He has taken an ambiguous political stance in the face of the oppressing regime. Asumió una postura política ambigua. Meaning of ambiguous and a memory aid (called Mnemonic) to retain that meaning for long time in our memory.