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Dimensionering af beton- bjaslkers vederlag (Design of the supports in reinforced concrete beams ), Dansk Beton ( Journal of Danish Concrete), Vol. A Knighterran a poor knight.

At skyde straaler, To dart beams. Ild straale, Aflash or beam of fire. Radiant, bright, fhining, resplendent. A knighterran a poor knight. A glance, a glimpfe, a cast or flash of the eye.

Hovedbiælke) main Beam , Archicrave. Sparrebjælker) Rafters , Joists. Biælkerum, a Bay of Joists, Space between the Beams. Biælkeverk, the Timberwork of a Houfe, Biarbejde, a Byjob, .

Bixldeblomster, Bellflower. Btarlkerum, a Bay of Joists, Space between the Beams. Bieldefaar, BellwetherBiaelke, Balk, Beam. HouseBialFeverk, the Timberwork. Barbeide, a Byjob, Bywork.

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Latest on funding opportunities, events and funding news. From the heart of Toronto, we are BEAMS. Ett hus fyllt med desingklassiker av Hans J Wegner, Arne Jacobsen och andra danska toppformgivare.

Passive and active climate beams with heating and cooling and chilled beams with cooling.