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Bismuth metal Ingot,chunk sold by the pound 99. Having the same density of lead but is non -toxic, used to make shot for shotgun shells, fishing lures and low melt alloys. Kilogram is equal to roughly 2. It is often used as a lead replacement.

It weighed just over a Kilo, and came in two large chunks.

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Pure bismuth shows a high absorbtion of gamma rays which makes it useful as a filter or window for these particles, whilst at the same time permitting the passage of neutrons.

Many automatic sprinklers, electric fuses, and safety devices in fire detection and suppression systems contain the eutectic In19. The Company is registered with IndiaMART since Years. I heated the cru telling me that we had not wasted an entire day on a wild bismuth chase. If you actually want bismuth metal , buy it from eBay at a thousandth the cost of extracting it from PeptoBismol! In this video, I will demonstrate one method how to extract bismuth metal from Pepto-Bismol.

In his treatise De re metallica, which also dates from the 16th century, Agricola expressed the view that the metal was a variety of lead and called it Plumbum cinerum. Certain alloys used in the 15th century by Gutenberg contained bismuth. The name of the metal is derived from the German weisse masse (white substance).

Free delivery on eligible orders. Physical Information Atomic Number_ _83_ Relative Atomic Mass ( 12C=100)_ _208. Contact us to purchase bismuth metals and pricing.

I cannot locate it at all in Australia Ive looked at the obvious such as metal suppliers etc. N purity, from ingot sent FREE 1st class from UK. High-purity bismuth can form into distinctive and beautiful hopper crystals. I carefully sculpted the figure you see in the pictures, and hand cast it in solid bismuth.

They are normally made from commercial 99.

The magnet you see floating between his hands will stay there touching nothing for a lifetime. For the science aficionados, and those who love them, this modern bismuth metal sculpture is the perfect blending of art, .