Cachaca drinks

Jun This is the premier cachaça from the Leblon family, aged for up to two years in new Limousin French oak barrels, known for their vanilla flavor, before being blended and bottled. The spirit is dark and sweet, with bol caramel notes and a chocolate finish. This could replace bourbon in any cocktail.

Aug Bar at the Hyatt Times Square gets into the Olympic spirit with the Caipirinha Carioca, a mix of cachaça, simple syrup, pineapple juice and muddled lime wedges, topped with a spoonful of sugar and a slice of pineapple. A cachaça cocktail with an Italian . READ: Low-Calorie Summer CocktailsAnd for some much-needed inspiration, we recommend heading down south, to the land that gave us Gisele and the barely-there bikini.

Brazilian Old Fashioned. Jan My version of the Caipirinha cocktail : delightfully refreshing and powerfully alcoholic drink based on cachaca. Even though this cocktail is very simple and easy to make without any fancy ingredients, it packs quite a powerful punch on flavor and kick.

A refreshing and delicious cocktail. Apr When you tire of the margarita or the mojito as your go-to summer drink , another great option is the caipirinha. Combined with sugar and lime juice . Cajuzinho (Little Cashew) and is a shooter.

Preparation: Mix the cachaca and juice in a shot glass and serve straight.

In some places the juice is replaced by a slice of cashew, . How to Make a Caipirinha. A sharp, dry cocktail with a sweet banana twang, the Beja Flor mixes cachaça , triple sec, banana liqueur and lemon juice. Click here for the Beja Flor recipe.

We have included an easy-to-mix recipe for a traditional Caipirinha in our round . Aug The humble three-ingredient cocktail has had a lot on its plate. Mirella Rabelo and Romulo Wolff, a husband and wife duo who have been . Collection of Cocktails and mixed drinks recipes. But beyond the caipirinha, can you name another cachaca cocktail ? You can if you remember my column from about . Cachaca Mixed Drink Recipes. Caipirinhas are one of those drinks that are amazingly simple and easy to make, yet many . It is a drink that is simple and delicious, . With a number of barrel-aged cachaças now making their way to the United States, bartenders are growing increasingly keen on showcasing the versatility of these unique spirits.

Here, a guide to how to use aged cachaça in drinks , with recipes. This variation puts a tiki twist on those tried-and-true ingredients, swapping out . Bars with great cachaça drinks !

We are always on the look out for bars, restos or shacks that serve that little bit of “summer in a glass”. We start with these five great places in London town and some of their fresh cachaça concoctions. Barrio bars are an ever-vibrant . We tried to find at least some tradicional and tasty recipes.

Be prepared for your next order at the bar. Our selection of cocktails with cachaça is undoubtedly a good choice for lovers of cachaça drinks and can be used on different occasions.