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According to a Chinese personal shopper in Australia interviewed by 7News, the rampant air pollution back home is enough to actually create demand for a breath of the fresh stuff. Last year, a Canadian company selling air from the Rockies reportedly . Canadian company Vitality Air is selling air bottled in a ski resort to consumers in China after heavy smog across much of the country sent demand skyrocketing. While pollution levels are reaching record highs in China , a Canadian start-up is finding a way to make a profit.

Vitality Air , a company that sells canned air and oxygen, is seeing a huge demand from users in China.

Produced by Christine Nguyen and Devan Joseph. Vitality Air strives towards providing its customers with fresh clean portable canned air and recreational oxygen in a can for breathing and enhancing health. A growing number of companies are compressing and bottling fresh countryside air and selling it online.

How to sell canned fresh air to china is becoming a hot topic around the world. Read this guide to help you get start this business right away. There has been an insatiable demand in China lately for Australian iron ore, real estate, baby formula, and now our clean air.

Leo De Watts, 2 sells air collected in the British countryside and ships it over to polluted cities Shanghai and Beijing, where the wealthy elite pay a hefty sum for a few seconds of inhalation.

Two Australian businessmen, John Dickinson and Theo Ruygrok are selling bottles of fresh air bottled from. CAN You Make Money Selling Air ? BONUS FOR A LIMITED TIME You can download Dan. Since last October, Vitality Air sold 10bottles in China. A canister that lasts between 1and 2breaths costs anywhere from $to $32.

Vitality Air is just one of a variety of companies that are profiting from the near- absurd business of selling canned , bottled or even bagged air. Christchurch businessman Phillip Duval demonstrates how to take a shot of fresh South Island canned air. Fresh New Zealand air is selling for $per 7. China – a bargain compared with the normal price of NZ$1a bottle. Struggling with air pollution in northern areas of China in . Vitality Air —a Canadian startup founded by a former mortgage broker—made headlines last year for selling bottled air to Chinese struggling with poor air quality. But the company reckons it can sell even more to gasping Indians.

We expect India to be even bigger than China , Moses Lam, founder of . Would you pay nearly $for a can of air from Bondi Beach? People in China Are Buying Cans of Fresh Air From Canada.

What started out as a joke straight out of Spaceballs has suddenly taken off as a viable business – a Canadian start- up selling bottled air from the Rocky Mountains has seen a surge of sales from .