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A haunted house where the props are real. The Film Theorists 302views. Tank Top Moy – Duration: 0:48. Kylie Moy 242views. Cinematography , contents and Camera are things.

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Also appearing in the short film are James Frey as Chainsaw , Nikki Gray as the makeup . A bickering couple enters a haunted house with a mad man on the loose. Category: Short, Horror. Please close ads and enjoy the video! Director:David Dinetz, Dylan Trussell.

The full short film is hosted here. However, an amusement park director has hired the wrong cast. Now, a man with a large .

Year, Film , Role, Notes. Close Before Midnight, Miles, Short film. The Space Between Us, Roger. Linke Logan , Post-production. Manažér zábavného parku najme ako novú atrakciu obrovského chlapa, ktorý má so svojou motorovou pílou vystrašiť návštevníkov strašidelného domu.

What the actual fuck ! I thought that Logan is the hero of the movie. Eli Roth – loved you then. That video has now been remove but not before it kicked off one of the . The Original now put on hold is sci-fi movie The Thinning: New World Order, which was due to feature Logan alongside Peyton List.

Find and watch all of the featured movies. Logan Paul is also featured in songs and movies: Movies. Steemit Exclusive sneak. So this Sunday, at 8pm PST. He was also a guest on talk shows, most notably on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The company also said a original movie he was slated to appear in, “ The Thinning: New World Order,” has been put “on hold. Our clients needs are specific.

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