Danfoss link installation

For total control of your indoor environment, living connect. Trådlös kontroll på temperaturen – i hela hemmet. Nachdem Sie den CC Zentralregler an das Stromnetz angeschlossen haben, müssen Sie die Link. See chapter Upgrading software version.

Create rooms and add battery operated devices one by one. Perform the network test with the.

This has a built- in room sensor and thus measures the ambient temperature. Danfoss Heating Solutions. Räume erstellen und batteriebetrie- be Geräte nacheinander hinzufügen.

If lights up, a help text is available and provides you with a description to the process, which is in progress. Start up the installation menu. Press and hold the setup pin for.

It allows you to control the heating, based on room tem- perature in the room where installed. Link RS you can also adjust the temperature.

The simple and intuitive user interface lets you control your home heating from anywhere. For practical reasons, it is recommended that the. CC equipped with a colour touch screen from which the entire installation can be controlled. Installation – step by step. Link RS Accessories pdf manual download.

In connection with a floor sensor it can also measure the temperature in the floor (FTS). Drahtlose Temperaturregelung- zentral und raumübergreifend. Hier alle Informationen, Anleitungen und Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen. Kvik-guide til installation.

Asennusvalikon käynnistäminen. Paina asetuspainiketta ( SETUP ) sekuntia huoltoalueelle pääsemiseksi. A popup dialog will warn the installer if he leaves the Service Area without having made a valid . Genial enkel installation. Jeg modtog en kasse med digitale termostater og en styringsenhed.

Nu skulle jeg så i gang med at lege VVS-montør, men det hele gik overraskende nemt. De gamle analoge termostater blev afmonteret, og da jeg ikke . INTELLIGENT RADIATOR THERMOSTAT. Note: If the installation has a mixing shunt for floor heating, it is recommended to set the set point temperature as high as needed on the coldest day of the year.

The TPI control will lower the supply line temperature down to necessary level needed at all time. Se avsnitt Uppgradera programvaruversion. Skapa rum och lägg till batteridrivna enheter en och en.