Dht11 vs dht22

We have two versions of the DHT sensor, they look a bit similar and have the same pinout, but have different characteristics. Here are the specs: DHT11. Hopefully this proves useful for anyone else wondering about the difference. Ideally each room so my goal is to keep the cost of each monitor as low as possible.

I bought one of each of the . Comparison between DHT(RHT01) and.

Sensor B failed during the experiment and was replaced by E. I have added a DHTand a Sensirion SHT71. Plots of the humidity values . Is there a difference enough to justify the cost, or is there something better? Thank you Edit: Resolution is key. There is also a very basic chip inside that does some analog to digital conversion and spits out a digital signal with the temperature and humidity.

The digital signal is fairly easy to read using any microcontroller. Connect pin of the sensor to whatever .

Efficient DHT library for Arduino. Contribute to arduino-DHT development by creating an account on GitHub. Specifications DHTvs DHT22. There are two versions of the DHT sensor.

Hi all, I worked a long time with cheap DHTand DS18b2 now I added on nodes (are on the same situation) with sensors, DHT, DHT, Dallas DS18band BMP180. What meassures: DHT- Temperature . The DHThas a wider range and higher resolution. NOTE: If using a board with 3. V logic like an Arduino Due connect . Newer sensors additionally provide an I2C interface.

The DHT(blue) and DHT(white) sensors provide the same 1-wire interface, however, the DHTrequires a separate object as it has more complex calculation. DHThave decimal place resolution for both humidity and temperature readings. Just wanted to add that I tried powering the DHTwith a quality power supply at 5. The readings I get with the . V DC Output signal digital signal via 1-wire bus.

Sensing element Polymer humidity . Está na dúvida de qual sensor comprar?

Quer saber se seu projeto precisa de um DHTou DHT? Confira esse artigo e tire sua dúvida de uma vez por todas! The sensor can operate between and 5. V DC and communicates using its own proprietary OneWire protocol.

This protocol requires very precise . Not at all within the advertised specs of the maker (AOSONG) which says for the DHT(did not find the DHTdatasheet) The temp seems OK,. I am afraid I will stick to the DHT(3$ vs 1$ for the DHT12).