Ekwb ek cable splitter 4 fan pwm extend

And because the fans are PWM controlled the RPM of each fan will change depending on th. Za dodatno napajanje ventilatorjev je poskrbljeno preko 4-pinski molex priključka. A 1-to- PWM fan splitter which allows the user to connect up to four PWM fans from just one PWM fan header on the motherboard. PWM Fan Splitter: 1x 4-Pin Molex, 4x 4-Pin PWM 300mm, 1x 4-Pin PWM 600mm.

See the attached Picture of the cord.

EKWB EK-Cable Splitter 4-Fan PWM Extend. I connected the connectors to . De EK -Kabel Splitter – Fan PWM Extended is een tot PWM fan splitter waarmee je maximaal vier PWM fans met één PWM fan header op het moederbord kan aansluiten. Shop with confidence on eBay! Out of stock for availability.

This is a uncategorised item. Buy and get a total discount of $0. Purchase or more to qualify for a .

Thanks in advance, Best regards. More about cooling fan splitter cable pwm. CPU pump on a Chassis fan . Fan splitter is: ekwb ek-cable splitter 4-fan pwm extend. Du kan bla i bildene med . Encuentre grandes ofertas para Ekwb Ek-cable Splitter 4-fan PWM extended.

Tienda con confianza en eBay! Y porque los fans son PWM controla las RPM . Hvis du kun har et 4-pin PWM stik og skal bruge det samme ste så skal du bruge en 4-pin PWM Y-splitter. V 4-pin PWM stikVis mere. PWM fan splitter fra EK Denne splitter PWM signal op til , således at der er mulighed for at styre forskellige faner på samme PWM signal. Derfor kræves det også at der tilkobles ekstra strøm via 4pin molex kablet.

Vi säljer datorprodukter via nätet och genom våra butiker. I have a MSI Z87-GGaming board and I replaced all five fans in my tower with five. EK – Cable splitter – fan PWM extended.

They are connected to, system fan one and two, three fans on one and two fans on the secon I used two. To connect the fans to the .

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PWM ファン4台をPWMでコントロールできます電源ユニットから直接電源が取れるため、 マザーボードからの電源供給に無理がある時に最適です.