Expat housing copenhagen

Andelslejlighed” This is the Danish equivalent of shared ownership. Ejerlejlighed” In this case you . EXPAT HOUSING IN COPENHAGEN. Nobody can deny the fact that we live in a globalized world – some even say we are living in a global village – and as a capital in a country with many international world-leading companies Denmark does receive a tremendous amount of foreign workers. Over the last years, Housing Denmark has provided home rental services to demanding tenants, and we are always thorough when it comes to selecting our homes to let.

Our houses , town houses and luxury home properties must be in excellent condition and meet a number of functional demands.

For expats , students and families. The thousand- year-old city lies at the Øresund straight separating Denmark from Sweden and is ho. Rent prices are also some of the highest in Denmark. A large number of international professionals who come to Denmark on expat contracts begin work on the first day of the year, meaning there are more people . Cooperative housing , rental housing and home ownership (Danish only).

Find an apartment in Denmark – Free advertising (Danish only ). Copenhagen : Capital of Denmark and gateway to Scandinavia. Free Portal for rented accommodation in Denmark. It is also a good idea to speak to other expats already living in Denmark to find out how they went about finding accommodation.

Search for all types of houses and apartments. Find accommodation in København, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg. Some of the rental websites cater only to apartment rentals , others to house rentals and some only for students or expats. Like any expat arriving to a new city in a new country, I needed swift, thorough support, who understood my needs quickly, and could deliver on those needs. The market for rental accommodation in the big Danish cities is very challenging.

Hay4you offer personal service based on years of experience. We are specialized in business and expat apartment rentals from days to years. I suspect it often means slightly more than just expats , it means expats who are backed by a large company. The reasons are probably: Increased willingness to pay high rents, and less likelihood to take the landlord to court over rent disputes. Temporary housing : Where can I find a hotel apartment?

There are various agencies that have specialized in helping expats find housing in Denmark. Rentals are our specialty and we have many homes for rent, you are looking for apartments for rent or houses for rent, you will find probably the apartment or the house you want to rent here. We will be there to assist you as an expat or returning Dane with your housing , helping you to find the home of your dreams. Relocare covers all of Denmark and have helped hundreds of expats successfully through the years.

What are the greatest advantages to living there? Aside from the pastries…childcare, cosiness and cycle lanes. Childcare is approximately a quarter of the cost in New Zealand.

Housing ( rental housing , household appliances, furniture, maintenance services). Three months after our move we had only just found a permanent place to live after a stint in a depressing and soulless corporate housing building.