Foam cutter fly tying

Combine our selection with our customer service and you get a great home base to find all of the gear you need to tie flies and go fly fishing. We ship quickly with No Sales Tax. Fly tying foam cutters are great for making your flies look professional and uniform. Also, fly tying foam cutters make for a great gift for any avid fly tier.

These fine cutters are made in Montana by River Road Creations and are available in a wide variety of shapes and the most popular sizes.

From River Road Creations of Stevensville Montana USA comes Wing and Body Cutters These are superbly crafted tools – beautifully hand crafted from American woods vertical grain fir and super sharp steel Ideal for cutting foam and synthetic materials each cutter is constructed with carefully. Care to share your method and experience? Continuing my pursuit of tying and rod building on a budget and thinking of making an attempt to make my own cutters. Make your own Pole Dancers!

Simple kit designed to tie walk the dog type poppers as well as additional convertible tube flies that can be fished on their own. Each kit has almost everything to tie these great surface poppers along with easy step by step instructions. Below is a list of the Hareline Dubbin fly tying materials and other fantastic fly fishing products that we currently stock at the Worley Bugger Fly Co.

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Easy online ordering and speedy USPS Priority Mail Shipping. The Beavertail, designed by Doug Brewer, can be used for everything from trout patterns like Salmon flies and Hoppers to big foam bass flies. A versatile, generic terrestrials shape that includes a built-in thorax and head. Use with multiple layers foam to get a buggy, substantial body for your next foam fly ! Rainy day, so what better way to spend a moment checking out the latest Feather Craft Catalog. Got reeled in and bought a foam ant tying kit that makes foam ants like the Betts version.

FAST and FREE shipping on all US orders over $25. Led portable light added to renzetti . We carry a wide range of fly tying tools from beginner to advanced. Please contact us for specific products offered within this company’s line up. A few years ago, I picked up a set of River Road Creations foam cutters. My first cutters were the Tomsu Supreme Hopper set.

Foam Body Cutter Fly Tying Tools. I was impressed by the sharp edges and the clean foam cut-outs that I could turn out. Plus, being able to turn my plain old foam sheets into a much wider variety of standard shapes and sizes was a .