Frese optima

When the installer presets the valve according to the maximum designed flow, the stroke of the control valve remains the same thus providing 1 . The patented design of the OPTIMA Compact PICV allows full stroke modulating at all flow settings and Optima Compact Pressure Independent Control Valve. Frese OPTIMA Compact DN10-DN50. PICV) DN15-DNprovides an accurate control characteristic through our thermic or motoric actuators.

The correct application of the OPTIMA Compact PICV can . Before removing actuator from valve or opening the valve, ensure that the valve control medium is isolated and relieve the pressure.

Work should only be carried out by a competent engineer. Thermostat with Mx 1. The thermostat is a self acting proportional controller for temperature control applications including fan coil units, hot water tanks and heat exchangers. The remote sensor can be directly . Termostaten er en selvvirkende proportionalregulator, til temperaturregulering af fan coil units, varmtvandsbeholdere og varmevekslere.

Fjernføleren kan enten placeres direkte i mediet, eller i en følerlomme, der kan leveres . The valve operates by adjusting automatically to the pre-set flow under fluctuating pressure conditions whilst also providing full modulating control. To achieve the design flow rate, the valve is set using .

The actuator can be mounted on the valve by hand and without the need of a specific tool . Dynamic Flow Limiting Valves. An always balanced system means great energy savings. No balancing is required if further stages are added to the system, nor if the dimensioned capacity is changed. Hurtig levering eller afhent i nærmeste Sanistål butik.

Slaglængde mm, med trykudtag. d for at bestille varer. Ventilen slår ting sammen, ventilen er trykuafhængig (differenstryk), ventilen er med indbygget dynamisk maks. Tryk her for at læse mere . Tlakově nezávislý dvoucestný regulační ventil Optima. Návod k instalaci, uvedení do provozu a použití). Možné montážní polohy, způsob montáže: Ventil lze montovat do přívodního nebo zpětného potrubí v jakékoliv poloze s respektováním směru . Una instalación de calefacción y aire acondicionado debe proyectarse adecuadamente para asegurar un clima confortable a sus usuarios.

Los nuevos códigos energéticos y la normativa a nivel mundial han provocado que se incremente rápidamente . Vollständig modulierende . This second edition report has been issued to clarify aspects of the testing. FRESE Optima valve product, which at minimum setting was set the “MIN” position on the valve adjustment.