G’vine gin tonic

I certify to have the age required by the laws of my country of residence. Finish: A fresh zesty taste of juniper, cardamom and ginger. Top with premium tonic water and garnish with three white grapes.

Category: Contemporary Gin. Serving Recommendation, Best enjoyed with your favourite tonic , ice, and sliced green grapes.

Country of origin, France. Alcohol Content, Vol. Age Range Description, and up. Awards, Puntos Peñín. Package Information, Bottle.

Mixing: The floral element is so dominant in this gin that it has very limited appeal in gin -heavy cocktails such as the Dry Martini or even a gin and tonic. In fact it would be all too easy to dismiss this gin straight off for being too heavy on the perfume-esque notes. However, perseverance in mixing with bolder flavours pays off, .

Floraison betekent letterlijk in het Frans de bloeitijd van de druivenplant, vlak voordat de vruchten gaan groeien (vruchtzetting). Het is dus het verschijnen van de druiven na de bloei waarbij de bloem verandert in een vrucht. While the region may be known as the birth place of . Hemos comentado que, por su elaboración e ingredientes, es una ginebra muy suave, ideal como aperitivo y como parte de un cocktail corto.

Sin embargo, su riqueza en matices y aromas nos va a permitir elaborar un suave . Garnish: Slices of white grapes. Make a perfect blend with our Ginger . This is the gin to offer someone who claims not to like gin. It has a floral and zesty scent and flavour with the juniper turned down quite low, so not for those of you who love a punchy junipery gin.

A must-have for every good party! Für stilechte Extravaganz empfehlen wir anstelle . Todo para Gin Tonic a los mejores precios. Décorer de quelques raisins blancs. Set of bottle of G Vine Floraison Gin and bottles of Fever-Tree Indian tonic water. Based on Ugni Blanc grapes from the Cognac region, this spirit presents a complex and soft aroma.

Paired with the Elderflower Tonic Water by Fever Tree, the gin shows its magnificent aroma. The elderflower notes of the tonic fit perfectly to the scent of the gin that will instantly .

Sus credenciales son las notas complejas, su versatilidad y sobre todo muy floral, totalmente alejadas de otras ginebras más alcoholicas agresivas en boca y con carácter más astringente. Grape, floral, berries and cardamom are the prominent flavors in G-Vine Floraison Gin. See all Member reviews, tasting notes, and the Flavor Spiral.