How to use speedfan

SpeedFan is a powerful and useful program, but its interface can be intimidating and confusing to use. The CPU fan in my laptop is running too fast. I wish to control the speed manually to my preference, at times.

Is there any software that can control fan speed. How to properly set up Speedfan – Guides and Tutorials – Linus. I am going to try hooking up a non-PMW fan to the fan header and running it that way .

Start SpeedFan , press CONFIGURE button and select the Fan Control tab. Enlarge the window if needed. In the example image we have already created a Fan Controller and called it CPU Fan Control Strategy. We can create more using the Add button on the right.

With the Remove button we can delete . I made up a little guide here for those of you looking to use Speedfan to control the fans in your system. Note: Speedfan is not guaranteed to work properly with all motherboards so use it at your own risk. Check speedfan is running (on the task bar at the bottom).

Possibly change all fan speeds to minimum in the bios.

It took way too much effort, but finally I got my fans to run at minimum speed on . The main screen consists of a log box, a CPU usage meter, and reports sensor readings for fan spee temperature, fan control, and voltage. Some of the labels are incorrect while some sensors are completely erroneous, . If a PC begins overheating or shuts down without warning, businesses, rather than spending valuable funds on cooling equipment or a new computer, can instead use software to increase the fan speed on the laptop. Downloa install and run SpeedFan (link in Resources). Check the Automatic Fan Speed option and . Options here include Readings, which features stats about CPU Usage , Fans, Temperatures, and more, Clocks, which lets you reset your Motherboard clocks, and SMART Data. I also set up the temperatures that Speedfan will use to adjust my fan speeds.

At 47ºC, it will start ramping up to the “maximum” setting that I will set in the “Speeds ” tab. At the warning Temp of 50ºC, the fan will go to 1 no matter what. Similar steps were taken for Temp1.

Again, a lot of experimentation . Here is a CPU-Z screenshot of my laptop configuration : enter image description here. And here is how SpeedFan window looks at my end: enter image description here. I have no idea how to use.

Speedfan has been released in a new version yesterday which added support for many new features and technologies that previous versions did not support. This includes full Vista 64-bit support among other things. The basic functionality that it makes available can be described in the following way: .

SpeedFan is a handy piece of software which can help recor report and regulate your computer temperature levels whether use use a desktop or laptop. SpeedFan is a system monitor for Microsoft Windows that can read temperatures, voltages and fan speeds of computer components. It can change computer fan speeds depending on the temperature of various components.

The program can display system variables as charts and as an indicator in the system tray.