Iphone 5s touch screen not working after replacement

I would closely inspect the connectors for the digitizer on the logic board (look here) as well as the surrounding area for any tiny components that may have been knocked off. Magnification is important here as the parts are tiny. Touch screen not working after battery. It seems as if once I put them back together, the touch response is all over the place.

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If there is still a problem with the touch screen not working in a specific app after you have updated that app, you can also delete the app, and then reinstall the problematic app. But screen still does not recognize touch. After they fixed it, everything worked fine.

Then a few days later, the lower half of the touch screen wont respond. The home button works fine. Troubleshooting is a vital part of both diagnosing a broken part, and discovering what step was missed after repair.

LCD screen is broken, hence affecting touch screen functions as well.

However it is not important that touch stops responding after LCD is broken. Dust or dirt over touch screen on-board connector or strip connector. Primary or secondary touch control IC might be faulty. The gray bar eventually shows.

One microsoldering pro I spoke to . Love you brother is working. I believe my problem is getting the cables on the LCD to stay on the motherboard. It is used to replace the faulty screen : display problems , dead pixels, cracked LCD screens, wrong color issues.

Each assembly is tested before shipping and are 1 working. The problem is the touch ics on the logic board which need to be replaced. Somehow unplugging the display connector and leaving it like that for minutes and then plugging it back made it work.

Everything still worked perfectly. Here are a few things that a person can do when the screen becomes unresponsive. When it does, let go of the sleep button and hold down the home button.

After about -seconds, the app will close.

Do not use the case opener tool to pry the LCD out of the metal frame after all screws are removed. If necessary pull up with the tool on the metal backing of the LCD to lift it free. When prying the black plastic home . The touch screen and display were working though. I replaced the digitizer, and believe that everything is. Some users on Apple discussion community complains that the touch screen is unresponsive after updating to iOS 11.

You will get the top tips and tricks in this tutorial.