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The responsible German body involved in its preparation was the Normenausschuß Anstrichstoffe und. Unprotected steel in the atmosphere, in water and in soil is subject to corrosion that may lead to damage. Therefore, to avoid corrosion damage, steel structures are normally protected to withstand the corrosion stresses during the service life required of the structure. There are different ways of protecting steel structures from . This is a free page sample.

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Peintures et vernis — Anticorrosion des structures en acier par . These environments are based on experiments that have measured the. View all product details. Low-alloy carbon steel in corrosivity category 2. Part 1: General introduction.

Teraskonstruktsioonide korrosioonitõrje värvkattesüsteemidega. Osa 2: Keskkondade liigitus. Orientační cena: 2Kč.

Formát PDF : CPDF – Character PDF (norma je plnotextová). All BSI British Standards available online in electronic and print formats. The durability does not constitute a warranty period. Durability is a technical term to help users establish a mainte- nance scheme. Corrosivity category as defined in ISO.

Ländliche Bereiche, ungeheizte Gebäude, in denen. Nur innen: Geheizte Gebäude mit neutralen. Kondensation auftreten kann, z. Luftverunreinigung, Küstenbereiche mit geringer.

An objective approach to coating selection. Industrial Mix products. A universally accepted standard. Select the corrosive environment. Determine the desired life span.


UN DETERMINATO TRATTAMENTO SUPERFICIALE. CLASSI E CORRISPONDENTI ESEMPI DI ESPOSIZIONE. Corso di Durata e Affidabilità dei Materiali e delle. Università degli Studi di Trento. Protezione dalla corrosione di strutture di acciaio mediante verniciatura.

Parte 2: Classificazione degli ambienti . The corrosion categories show the corrosion loss on zinc and steel as shown in table 1. Table provides examples of related corrosion environments. Tabelle 2: Schutzdauer für Beschichtungssysteme nach. Umgebungsbedingungen in Anlehnung an DIN .