Jumpstarter 400 900a kompressor raze manual

Unscrew and remove the self tapping screws securing the back cover. Lift off the cover to expose the battery and other components. Lift out the battery from the battery compartment, and detach the heavy duty, and other cables, from the battery terminals. Taking great care not to short across the battery terminals,.

Cobra Electronics offers the following customer assistance services: For Assistance in. W AC output for operating household appliances. Startstrøm 9A (maks.), 4A (nom.). Indbygget kompressor (maks. bar) til pumpning af bilhjul, cykelhjul etc. Starthjælpens indbyggede batteri er beskyttet mod overbelastning og overopladning.

Netadapter til 2V opladning og. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. Someone should be within range of your voice or close enough to come to your aid when you are working near a lead- acid battery. Have plenty of fresh water and soap nearby in case battery acid contacts skin, clothing, or eyes.

If acid enters the eye area, rinse with cold water for at. I found that this failed to work when I needed it and now note the following from the manual : – The jump starter works in parallel with the fitted battery to provide. Keep your invoice with this manual. Write the invoice number on the inside of the front cover.

Läs manualen före användning. Använd alltid skyddsglasögon. Laddningsbart, kapslat blybatteri. Thereafter the jump starter should be charged for hours before use. Glovebox Lithium Polymer Jump Starter and Powerbank 12V 45 $19 Marine Deals.

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