Laser 360 grader

Producentens garanti (månader), 12. Förpackningsinnehåll, Skyddsfodral, stativ – 1cm. Funktioner, Självnivellering, korslinjeläge, horisontellt läge, vertikalt läge, mm stativgänga, 3graders roterande horisontell linje . Bosch GLL 1ECK 3-Degree Self-Leveling Exterior Laser Kit.

A compact design lends itself to simple setup on the jobsite. Add the fact that the GLL 1ECK is easy to store and .

With one-button operation that delivers a 5Ft. The BOSCH 3-Degree Line Laser kit contains everything you need to lay out 3-degree levels or grades. Its 530-foot range means even larger outdoor measurements can be performed. It weighs just pounds, which . KRYDSLINJELASER 3° med stativANVENDELSEMåleværktøjet er beregnet til at beregne og kontrollere vandrette og l. Topcon lasers are mature, feature-rich tools with remarkable versatility.

And they have learned a lot. Auto-leveling, red and green beams, features like SmartScan . Get the right laser for the right job.

Lasers are used in a range of applications to accurately determine level, grade, vertical alignment and distance. Spinning lasers emit a rotating 3-degree beam of light that is used as vertical, grade or horizontal reference, a difficult-to-establish yet critical datum for engineering . On the jobsite, the laser transmitter is mounted on a tripod to provide a 3- degree plane of reference at a set elevation and slope. Laser receivers, mounted on a mast attached to the box blade or grader attachment, capture the light from the laser transmitter.

In manual control mode, the receivers inform the operator via LED . Batterier medföljer, Ja. Nivellering, Automatisk. Horisontell 3°, vertikal 100° linjespridning.

Leica Geosystems created the smallest and easiest to use imaging laser scanner in the world: the BLK360. At the same time, Autodesk created the ReCap 3App to remotely control all aspects of the data collection process. Leica Cyclone REGISTER 3- 3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud Registration Software. The power of Cyclone, simplified.

This all-new product built from the ground-up . This amazing laser scanner is small enough to fit in your hand but powerful enough to deliver full 3° reality capture in under minutes. Leica have developed the BLK3to bridge the gap between scientific-grade 3D laser scanners and emerging camera and handheld technologies. This is the next generation of laser.

Robust outdoor rotating laser featuring 3° impact protection and fast-charging Li-ion battery, for horizontal and manual slope applications. LPS motor grader systems .

Bosch Multilinjelaser GLL 3-P Professional – Den kompakte multilinjelaseren for alle typer interiørarbeider. Ubegrensede bruksmuligheter: En horisontal og to vertikale 3°-linjer åpner for en rekke nye bruksområder for samtidig markering, justering og nivellering innendørs. Selvnivellerende (4° på s), svært . Produkttype, Tverrlinje-lasernivå.

Pakkeinnhol Beskyttende etui, tripod – 1cm.