Laser bazooka

I finally finished the 200W laser gun! rs are competing to create the most original homemade arsenals, as this video illustrates Subscribe to. Mad scientist and laser junkie StyroPyro knows a thing or two about building weapons made out of light beams. Last year, he introduced the world to his ridiculous 40W laser shotgun, an impressive and overkill rig that set pingpong balls ablaze and will blind you if you look at it wrong. The power of a typical laser pointer is around 0. The FDA limit on laser operation is 1times that, at 0.

Remember when Drake Anthony built a 40-watt laser gun last year? Well, the one he made this year is at least five times as awesome. This kid just built a laser.

Have you ever played with a laser pointer? Those usually cap out at around 0. The Laser Bazooka was an extremely powerful blaster. It was used primarily to take down tanks. We try to feature some of the most insane, ridiculous, fantastic homemade inventions we can find on BGR on a semi-regular basis so when Engadget shared a video of a r wielding a 200-watt laser bazooka , we knew we had to see it.

But you know who you are!

For reference, a standard laser pointer is 0. W, while a laboratory laser is 0. The laser bazooka , meanwhile, is 4times more powerful than the most dangerous lab laser. The total power consumption is . Using scrap parts and broken electronics, r styropyro built a portable laser bazooka that produces a 200-watt beam of light – the FDA limit is. In the right hands, broken electronics can be turned into something useful again.

Words like incredibly dangerous, do-not-try-this-at-home, or “are you crazy? If you mess with science you may find yourself on the wrong end of a laser beam designed to burn right through whatever gets in its way and powerful enough to shoot through a computer case. Scrap metal, improper tools, and a pile of broken hybrid DLP projectors gives the 200W laser bazooka. Man builds homemade 200-watt laser bazooka.

A typical laser has a strength of around 0. FDA limits maxing out the strength at 1times that ( watts). GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs. His newest one, a 200-watt laser bazooka made from old DLP projectors is fully capable of melting the metal housing on a tower PC, and just looking at it without a welders helmet could cause severe eye damage.

Staring into the light without protection would be 33-million times more intense than staring . Primary threat: immediate blindness. Secondary threat: could burn you pretty badly if you let it contact your skin for a while at close range. TornGauntlet pointspointpoints months ago (children).

I just imagine the warfare application . One r has created a giant 200W laser bazooka that can melt through anything.