Lm393 moisture sensor

Soil Sensor : The sensor itself detects the moisture of the soil, LM3works same in this case. Water Drop sensor : the water drop sensor board itself detects how many water drop on the boar when a certain value comparing to the potentiometer is reache then the LM3will be trigger in the same way. The hardware is consists of an Arduino microcontroller (here an Arduino Uno R3) and a pre-wired soil moisture sensor module. Pin Out – Soil Moisture Sensor.

The Module also contains a potentiometer which will set the threshold value and then this threshold value will be compared by the LM3comparator. The soil Moisture sensor FC-has four pins.

The output LED will light up and down according to this threshold . Uses LM3XX as differential comparators. I have not had the time to update any of the information. The LM3is a simple photo-resistor light sensor that has both analog and digital outputs. This Instructable is old.

The digital output has a trim potentiometer that can be used to set a trigger light level. In the following example we will use the analog output to measure light level. If you are interested in reading the digital output, please refer to the . A soil moisture sensor can read the amount of moisture present in the soil surrounding it.

I am using thsi moisture sensor as part of a greenhouse control system (trying at least). For some reason that has me baffled the readings for wet or dry are opposite of what you would expect. Have you ever wanted your plants to tell you when they need watered? Or know how saturated the soil in your garden is?

With the SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor , you can do just that! Besides agriculture, there are many other disciplines using soil moisture sensors. Golf courses are now using sensors to increase the efficiencies of their irrigation systems to prevent over watering and leaching of fertilizers and other chemicals offsite.

Power Drain Suitable for Battery Operation. The module uses LM3comparator to compare the soil moisture level . The Moisture Sensitivity Level rating according to the JEDEC industry standard classifications, and peak solder temperature. I managed to sketch and simulate a simple circuit which can be used as an input to any microcontroller.

Check below for links to how-to use this sensor. Interface Description (4-wire) 1. DO: digital output interface (and 1) 4. Package content: 1x Soil Moisture Sensor – Hygrometer Module. Name: LM3Soil Moisture Sensor for Arduino (with Wire), Price:MYR Availability:Yes, Special Discount:No, Category:Sensors. Shop Soil Hygrometer Moisture Sensor , Probe, and Jumpers – LM3Comparator.

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