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MiniDive is a French company that designs and manufactures mini diving bottle for the general public. The high-pressure hand pump can pump to 0psi which allows the small canister to hold enough air for minutes underwater. It easily reached its goal on . Prescription dive masks with different prescription for each eye will not be returable as they are customized products.

These Mini Scuba Dive Tanks are a lightweight, portable alternative to usually bulky and heavy scuba tanks.

The Mini Scuba Dive Tank is easy to mount thanks to the . Microdive – The simple solution. We wanted to test the limits of the Mantus Scuba Pack, to do this we used the Mantus Scuba Pack on a. MiniDive condenses traditional, clunky scuba diving gear into a tiny tank and harness so users can swim more. Scorkl is a mini scuba device that can be pumped up by hand and it allows you. Crafted using a miniature scuba diving helmet, the interior is fitted with a small light bulb, creating a unique accent lighting that will look great anywhere you place it.

Everything fits into a backpack (included) so you can have SCUBA GEAR with you on every adventure.

It is an ideal system for cruisers, live-aboards and is easy to travel with. The small profile kit fits easily into small places on the boat and allows you hassle free diving for all your underwater projects. May be the solution is just here for you. An Australian company Scorkl wants to revolutionize the market with its easy-to-use mini diving bottle. The MiniDive is an invention made in France that makes the practice of diving accessible to all.

Mini scuba tank MiniDive, simple gadget or revolution ? If this seems too tiring for you, no problem, you will only need to use a conventional diving compressor. It is also possible to replace the empty compressed . Mini B shallow water diving apparatus is more convenient than traditional scuba gear, ideal for checking underwater maintenance. Mini B is essentially a Scuba diving kit in a backpack.

The kit include a backpack and 5ltr bottle worn around the waist. Mini tank valve tool includes allen wrenches, phillips head and flat screwdriver brass O-ring pick, BC schrader valve tool tank valve screw remover. Trident Tank Mini Dive Tool. Scuba Diving Dive Snorkeling Underwater Safety Whistle with Lanyard. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders.

Mini season was designed for recreational harvest, which gave scuba divers a chance to catch some bugs before the commercial lobster traps get put in.

This two-day event has become so popular that people take time off of work so they can splash at midnight to hunt. A skydiver wears a reserve parachute, a SCUBA diver should have a reserve breathing system. Many diving accidents have been . The patented SPARE AIR should be a standard piece of SCUBA diving equipment for the safety . SeaLife, in collaboration with Fire Dive Gear, introduced the new Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro light at the DEMA tradeshow in Orlando in early November.