Nasa target sounder manual

Clipper- Target – Cruiser . In the Target Sounder you will find all the necessary features of much higher priced units including keel offset, shallow and deep water alarms, and a depth range of – 100. Once set, these parameters are permanent and are not likely to require adjustment. Most depth sounders measure the depth below the transducer.

It is often more convenient to display the depth below the keel. A facility has been included where the vertical distance between the .

Whichever method is selecte the best location still has to be found. There are only buttons, but, I have been unable to deduce. Been trying to get my depth sounder to work.

I assumed the transducer was shot so I got a new one and plugged it in but all I get on the main display is an : E I gather this means the unit is not getting an echo response. NASA depth sounder issue. My Nasa target depth sounder has been working flawlessly for many years. This morning it shows an OUT message.

No mention of this message in the manual.

Features:- Deep and shallow alarms. Programmable Gain profile. Large display, back-lit for night use. Specification:- Depth range 1m to 100m.

Low current consumption . Drop-in replacement for old Seafarer 5sounder. Uses the same transducer as the seafarer and the display fits the cutout for the seafarer repeater display. A 1kHz transducer and an installation bracket come included. You can buy a complete unit or transducer only.

The power supply is V. I bought my complete unit online when the dollar was . Target Alarmgeber: Das rote Kabel des Alarmpiepers muß auch an Plus angeschlossen werden, während das schwarze Kabel des Alarmpiepers an das grüne Kabel des Anzeigegerätes angeschlossen wird. Der Alarmpieper ist nicht wasserdicht. Für die Installation ist ein geeigneter trockener Ort zu wählen.

Good news is, that you can do a test of the echo sounder also on the hard. In Hull Depth Transducer.