Noctua nh d15 ram compatibility

We provide extensive mainboard compatibility lists for all our CPU coolers. Click here to find out whether one of our coolers is compatible with your mainboard. My case has a 170mm CPU cooler height clearance and the Corsair Vengence LPX Dimms are 34mm. Thanks a lot for your input. According to the website, the NH – Dis 165mm and 31mm ram clearance.

Would this mean that if I raised the fan by 4mm I would have 1mm of clearance on each side?

NH Dmemory clearance? Another option is to use a single fan in the middle, or get the NH-D15s which is specifically designed for greater compatibility. High- compatibility version of NH – D15. Things start off with the socket compatibility for Intel as well as AM and it covers all of the current socket types. The NH – Dstands 165mm tall . The new king of air coolers has arrived.

At the same time, the single fan setup and . This manual will guide you through the installation process of the. Compatibility with past and future sockets.

In chassis with more than 165mm CPU cooler . Well, the first thing that I noticed is that the NH-D15S only comes with a single fan, but an identical model fan – NF-APWM. I mounted my NH – D(the old unit, not the NH-D15S being reviewed today) to the SFFn . No doubt like always Noctua have gone over every last detail to get the best possible performance out of the new NH – D15. It must be noted that the 150mm wide measurements will . Memory height is my only limitation with using it. Unfortunately, the Maximus VIII . ATX boards are a bit bigger problem. I won’t have a problem with the Noctua NH – Dfitting in a Fractal define Rcase with a asus x99-a MB, Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB ddrand a Asus GeForce GTX 970?

Everything will fit, right? Not gonna have a problem with the cooler blocking ram slots, or my graphic card slot? Have you even looked at . RAM modules on the market.