Noctua nhd15 review

The new flagship product from Noctua is huge in both size and performance. The successor for the NH-Dpremium CPU cooler has a six heatpipe dual. With the NH – D, Noctua once again takes their place, leading our charts. This cooler offers unprecedented cooling performance that makes all-in-one liquid coolers seem weak, especially considering that it does so while remaining whisper quiet.

The Noctua NH-DReview came because of all the requests you guys made, and boy did this thing impress.

The company is especially well known for their high end and specialty products, aimed to those seeking extreme performance and or very low noise solutions. The cooler that the company provided us for this review is . Noctua makes some of the best air CPU coolers out there. These include the NH – DSE-AM . I love that big air coolers are so easy to manage via motherboard firmware. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.

Today we are going to look at an exciting new cooler from Noctua – the NH – D15.

Unfortunately to some technical issues, our review of this has been delayed for some time now. On the performance side of things, the NH – Dwas fantastic! First off, the fans, while I have no way to measure the noise level, at idle or low loads the fans were whisper quiet. When the fans were spinning faster from high loa they were only slightly audible, with a manufacturer max rating of 24.

For those who had been following my PC case reviews which we started off not too long ago, then you might have seen the hideous Intel stock cooler in there. Noctua NH – Dwas a great candidate, because why not go for the most well- reputed air cooler out there? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Find in product info, QAs, reviews. Noctua aims at high-end liquid coolers with its new and rather hefty NH – D15.

Thermaltake (to name but a few) means that Noctua have to do something to stay relevant. The NH – Dis based on the NH-Ddesign, but brings . Compare and find the best deals on your favorite brands. This review has the majority of the premium air coolers tested against the NH – D15. It shows the NH – Dbeating the TC14PE, Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme and NH-Dby Celsius and beating the H100i with Celsius difference.

Do you guys think it is wort.

Het nieuwe topmodel van Noctua is een beest van een koeler. Met alle elementjes tot in de puntjes verzorg en uitzonderlijke prestaties, is het een dikke aanrader. Het is gezien de niet geringe prijs wel een product voor de echte high-end builds. Voor mid-en of niet-overclockers, is het duidelijk overkill. Everyone who is looking for a performance air cooler, have already heard the name – Noctua.

Its predecessor NH-Dwas regularly in the upper echelons of cooler charts. However, the Austrian company will not rest, and now publish the successor of this great cooler, the Noctua NH – D15. We like to clarify in this review , . Everything is neatly laid out , with component parts in their individual boxes. Just have a look at how many accessories boxes you get with the NH – D! Noctua is a company that designs premium cooling components and is well known around the globe.

Designed in Austria, Noctua offers both fan and.