Noctua nhd15s vs noctua nhd15

Noctua – This is a brand that you have likely heard of throughout the years, but if not, you really need to look into them more. Noctua is well known for their highly successful and high quality CPU coolers, cooling fans, and thermal pastes. More about noctua d15s versus d15. NH – Dis the best air cooler available right ? Get the dor the d15s ?

At the same time, the single . Where do the two differ? In the world of cooling, Noctua is synonymous with quality and high-end fans and CPU coolers. This article will serve as a detailed review of the NH-U14S (shown at right) and the NH-D15S (shown at left), . The D15S is basically your Dyet with one fan. The Dark Rock Pro comes in a close second with its combination of looks, quality, performance and low noise – with the NH Dtaking the absolute performance crown – while looking ugly as sin.

Which CPU cooler is better? Dwill fit your mobo, but still need to know if there enough clearance in your chassis (need 165mm).

The Afan that comes with the D15S is one of the best 140mm fans and engineered to work with the D15. Læs testen her hos Legit Reviews. Testen er set 1gang(e). Lignende tests og artikler . Chyba firmy Noctua nikomu nie trzeba przedstawiać – słynie ona bowiem z innowacyjnych rozwiązań w swoich produktach, charakterystycznego wyglądu oraz… bardzo wysokich cen. I am looking at both now because they feel within my price range but I am still drawn a little to the NH – dfor its higher rpms otherswise I am kind of stuck here.

While we are a community formed around the idea of small, space-efficient designs, once again, a bigger cooler may be the best option for your buil be it for performance or to ensure low noise levels. It features only a single fan in the package and . Info Ultimate Product Award winner. The key difference here, however, is that the “S” variant is designed to be extremely compatible, allowing fantastic support for motherboards with large . On le teste pour vous sur le Comptoir du Hardware.

Apart from expanding the heatsink from 140mm to 150mm and broadening the distance between the heatpipes, Noctua also offer dual . Not cheap tho, but then, Noctua is almost always not cheap. Zhodne rovnaké hodnoty sme dosiahli pri . JavaScript chart by amCharts 3. Part of this has to do with just how well the NH -D14 .