Noctua nhd15s

Thanks to its asymmetrical design, the NH – D15S clears the top PCIe slot on most µATX and ATX motherboards. At the same time, the single fan setup and . Due to its asymmetrical layout, the fin-stack of the NH – D15S is off-set towards the upper edge of . Introduction to the Noctua NH – D15S CPU Cooler. Noctua – This is a brand that you have likely heard of throughout the years, but if not, you really need to look into them more.

Their NH -DCPU cooler was deemed to be the king of CPU coolers for the past years. Noctua is likely the most popular brand for CPU air cooling. Still, those are look for the safer . The D15S is basically your Dyet with one fan. Product information: NH – D15S Dual Radiator Quiet CPU Cooler.

The new NH – D15S has that same awful color scheme, but now features better memory and expansion-slot clearance, all thanks to its new asymmetrical design. Tailored to provide superior RAM and PCIe compatibility, the NH – D15S is an asymmetrical single fan version of Noctuas award-winning flagship model, the NH – D15. Jämför priser på Noctua NH – DCPU-kylare.

Hitta bästa pris och läs omdömen – vi hjälper dig hitta rätt. For these scenarios, large air coolers or water cooling kits are the only effective options. This twin tower heatsink is rated by the manufacturer as being able to cope with a 220-watt . The NH – Dis a huge heatsink, a full 15cm wide.

The NH – D15S looks like the D15’s twin, also 15cm wide. Noctua has released its NH – D15S to stand alongside its NH – D15. Where do the two differ? The NH – D15S is moved over to make more room for the first PCIe slot, and it comes with one fan, not two . With the NH D15S Noctua shows its latest high end CPU cooler. Overall this leaves us rather curious how this twin tower cooler is going to perform.

I love that big air coolers are so easy to manage via motherboard firmware. The ones we test with are even able to control the fans, adjusting rotational velocity down to the quietest level . Shop with confidence on eBay! Noctua NH – D15S Premium prosessorijäähdytin – Noctua NH – D15S premium CPU cooler provides solid cooling to your Intel or AMD processor without taking up precious space for PCIe card.

The cooler uses aluminium radiator with copper base, six heatpipes and one.