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Kontinenten und unter den härtesten Bedingungen ein zuverlässiger Begleiter. Hochgebirge, Wüsten oder Küstenlandschaften. Reisegenuss pur: das P1. Wartung und bei dauerhaft optimaler Funktion.

Extremes Klima, Steinschläge, San Wasser und viele tausend . Pure travelling pleasure: the P1.

Extreme climates, stone impact, san water and many thousands of miles cannot affect the P1. The huge ratio bandwidth combined with the even and very finely spaced gear steps permits comfortable travel over long . The and speed versions are similar in design. A 30km solo bicycle journey from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world in South America to Alaska on a STEVENS BIKES bicycle equipped with a Pinion P1. Gearbox and a Gates Carbon Drive belt.

Soon after jumping on our Pinion bikes we were forming our opinion on this gear system. But in order to write a reliable review, we wanted to put the P1. Yet nobody has managed to find a suitable alternative yet, well until now – maybe.

We have been monitoring the development of a German-made 18-speed sequential-shift gearbox designed specifically for mountain bikes.

With a similar price tag, the P1. Rohloff on paper, with more gears in a wider range, as well as the equally-spaced gear intervals, single twist-operated handlebar shifter, and maintenance-free operation . If you are a true weight weenie, you may be enticed by the C1. Pinion have released three new versions of the Pinion gearbox. Inside the gearboxes, the P1. Fewer gears means less weight: the P1.

Pinion because it skipped gears – apparently a known defect. I do not want to write love it, because I do not love things, only people and pets. Pinion GmbH manufactures bicycle gearboxes located in the pedal-crank bearing. Compact, light-weight, durable, and designed to be nearly maintenance-free, it is safely protected by a tight casing and . Crankset: Pinion Forged. Derailleur f: Pinion P1.

Belt: Gates CDX Center Track Carbon Drive Belt. Cassette: Gates CDX Center Track sprocket. This is wider than a conventional 30spd setup (6 maximum), a Rohloff hub (5) or Shimano Alfine 11s (4 ). Böttcher Levante Pinion P1. Perfekt in Funktion, komfortabel im Alltag und reaktionsschnell bei sportlicher Fahrweise.

Das Levante ist unser Premium-Trekkingrad für sportlich ambitionierte und technisch begeisterte Fahrradfahrer. Hilite Bikes with 18-speed Pinion gear system.

Contact us for a free consultation without obligation. However, as noted above, it still offers more range than most people will ever nee so the reduction in the number of speeds is no big deal. The following other s use this file: Usage on de.