Pinion vs rohloff

There are a few reasons why the Pinion P1. Firstly, the chain runs faster in the equivalent gear, so this in more losses at the chain itself. Derailleurs are great, if well-adjuste clean and used in dry conditions they work just fine. When out mountain biking we often end up in less optimal conditions where water, mud and sand affect drive train efficiency.

Internal gear boxes really shine in such conditions, in combination with a belt drive, the . I see many possible advantages, as.

While the promise of gearboxes has been on the horizon for seemingly forever, Pinion has taken one realistic step closer to this becoming. A 30km solo bicycle journey from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world in South America to Alaska on a STEVENS BIKES bicycle equipped with a Pinion P1. How much more would the pinion weigh? Gearbox and a Gates Carbon Drive belt. Has anyone bought a bike with one?

Pros and cons of gears in bottom bracket vs. The advantages of the Pinion are that the weight and complexity are in the middle of the bike and not being bounced around in the hub of the rear wheel,. However, the CEO for Pinion pointed out that while the gears are spinning, only two are engaged at any one time, making it a pretty efficient system.

The gears are evenly spaced with an 11. I would ask why this even matters on this particular sub. Is there a single trans-African or Alaska-Ushuaia blog by someone . It’s big, easy to use, very smooth, and fits up near the stem clamp on an oversized (3 mm) handlebar. With a similar price tag, the P1.

It looks and feels like something precision-made for a high-end camera. As the back and forth drivetrain battle ensues, several small and creative companies have been stirring in the shadows, tweaking and reworking internally geared systems that virtually eliminate all three of these issues. Pinion gearbox, titanium, Viral Skeptic, bikepacking. Anyone ridden both, who can give a decent comparison to between them? So, I visited the bike-days in Solothurn yesterday.

A place where you can test- drive tons of bikes. The term deployment refers to the distance covered per revolution of the crank. The deployment depends on the following factors: 1. Wheel size You can find the deployment for your bicycle with the ratio calculator, which is available from Pinion for every model of. Secondary ratio (chain or belt drive) 3.