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Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications. Welcome to the Protractor API documentation. The menu lists all classes and methods exposed by Protractor.

E2E test framework for Angular apps. Contribute to protractor development by creating an account on GitHub.

To modify your environment, see the Protractor Setup docs. To start writing tests, see the Protractor Tests docs. To better understand how Protractor works with the Selenium WebDriver . There are several ways that Protractor can time out – see the Timeouts reference for full documentation. This configuration tells Protractor where your test files ( specs ) are, and where to talk to your Selenium Server ( seleniumAddress ). End-to-end tests are made to find these problems.

We have built Protractor , an end to end test runner which simulates user interactions that will help you verify . It will run through how to setup Protractor and Jasmine, and the basics of running some simple tests.

It supports Angular-specific locator strategies, which allows you to test Angular-specific elements without any setup effort on your part. This has happened because it is easy to send questions and collaborate through the public project on Github. Options to be passed to Jasmine. Reporter = new jasmineReporters.

Going through the Protractor docs and getting started can still be a daunting task. My goal is to alleviate some of that by sharing my configuration and. How do you test your AngularJS applications? This getting started guide is for new software developers in test who are interested in learning about Protractor testing. View Docs Start Testing.

E2E Testing definition from angular docs. The ruler can be accessed from . As applications grow in size and complexity, it becomes unrealistic to rely on manual testing to verify the correctness of new features, catch bugs and notice regressions. Unit tests are the first line of defense for catching bugs, but sometimes issues come up with . You can checkout the example and docs.

Refer the Protractor docs for help. That means that each test is not a fresh instance, but instead starts where your last test ended. For example, if your first test .

According to the docs , elm. ElementPresent() are equivalent. It also allows you to better organize suites of tests together with tags and hooks. Javascript implementation of the . Structured End-To-End Tests With Protractor.

Protractor has still though a nice abstraction layer on top of webdriverjs and the Angular-to Pausing to Debug. Find an element by button text, which can be understood.