Rigol ds1054z hack

YOU ARE DOING THIS AT YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY. Users considering this should be aware that it is not approved by Rigol and may void the warranty. A website featuring the code generator to enable the features . If the hack still works is the 500µV thing still a thing or does it work in the 00. UK reseller and they seem to be . The rumors are true, and ungoverning the software is as simple as looking up your serial number . I also lust after a hobbyist spectrum analyzer. There are several modifications of Rigol.

The oscilloscope is easily hacked to 100MHz and a lot of other functions like serial protocol . This hack uses the riglol site, currently hosted at gotroot. New firmware update : beyondmeasure. If so, does using a keygen then updating when the jitter fix is published keep the hacked options . You will be able to peer into the workings of your circuits to better . No USB, no VISA, no IVI and no Rigol drivers required.

OK i am looking for an digital oscilloscope around 300euro max. I usualy making projects with AVR and rarely arduino (which has avr mC 😛 ). So we can say its my hobby. I had an Hantek 2CH USB osciloscope but i am looking for something better.

So after search and reviews i end on this models: Rigol. K, use the source, luke. I use this mainly for audio frequency work and spi debugging.