Salt mine krakow opening hours

Odwiedzając ciekawe miejsca w Krakowie, nie można zapomnieć o tym skarbie Małopolski. Kopalnia oferuje zwiedzanie Trasy turystycznej, ale także zupełnie nowej – Trasy górniczej. Due to inappropriate atmospheric conditions the graduation tower will be closed for visitors. We will inform all our customers of the reopening date on this website.

Suggested Duration: 2-hours. From Krakow : Auschwitz and Salt Mine Full-Day Guided Tour.

Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour from Krakow Old Town. Your ticket is valid for two parts of the salt mine : the Tourist Route, which comprises the first hours , and the Underground Museum which takes an additional hour to visit. Is it possible to visit the Salt Mines on a Sunday and if so, what are the opening times. You will spend around hours in the. After your arrival back in Krakow , you will be dropped off at your pick-up point.

Visitors are guided in groups and the tour takes about two hours. Although the bus fare is quite cheap, it stops numerous times before getting to the mine. Train: If you prefer to get there faster, there are daily trains .

Please note that there can be waiting times during adverse weather conditions and holidays. Starting the last guided tour). Tip: Buy your tickets in our new Online Ticket Shop! Thanks to the salt deposits, the town of Bochnia became one of the most important economic centres of Medieval Małopolska.

With each passing century, the Salt Mine continued to leave a distinct mark on the history of the city, its urban development but . In case of large numbers of pilgrims interested in visiting it, the salt mine will even be open round- the-clock. Answer of 9: I have been looking on tour operators and also on the actual salt mine website and it appears you can only enter very early am, or late. Answer of 2: Does anyone know for definate if these places open on a sunday or not.

See why this 700-year-old complex . Overall you will walk almost miles (km), and after about hours of winding your way through the tunnels of the mine, the tour is over. Opening hours : Underground exhibition (3rd level of the salt mine ). Throughout, the royal mine was run by . Each year it is visited by more than one million tourists from all over the world. It is also a world class monument, featuring. The Bochnia salt mine is.

Another salt mine open to sightseers in the region is Bochnia Salt Mine which is located slightly more than km (~mi) from Kraków.