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Notwithstanding this, each Scorkl pump comes fitted with an air filter which is comprised of the same materials, and performs the same function, as a filter fitted to a mechanical dive compressor. The compact breathing device also features a built-in pressure gauge that tells you how much air is left at any time. Image scorkl -handheld-scuba-tank-3. Discover our planet below the surface with the Scorkl Underwater Breathing Device.

This incredible device is compact and lightweight making it wonderfully portable. Complete with a pump, the Scorkl gives you an impressive minutes of breathing time underwater.

Simply give the device a pump and . If I was going to buy a Subwing, I wanted to be able to stay underwater for at least a few minutes and nothing was available in the marketplace that really fit the bill of being portable and small enough to not get in the way. So that was the kernel of the idea for the Scorkl , we asked what took it from there into . Where to buy the Scorkl ? Currently, you cannot buy Scorkl , the brand just launch a Kickstarter campaign which already reach their objectives. Read the opinion of influencers. Discover alternatives like Trident Drone and Powerray Underwater Drone.

No heavy lifting or scuba certification required.

While the Scorkl works much like those redundant scuba systems, it also allows refilling via a floor pump, so you can fill it with air using just a little elbow grease. Even before Bond put a high-tech rebreather in his mouth during the classic Thunderbolt, people have been trying to come up with clever ways to stay underwater longer and with less equipment. You may have tried your hand at freediving. Perhaps you saved for months in the lead up to summer for a SCUBA trip on the reef. Right now, none of that matters anymore.

Aussie start-up Scorkl have changed the water sport game entirely, with a hassle-free device that allows anyone to breathe underwater . Scorkl is an ultra portable oxygen tank that was launched just a few hours ago, and is now funded more than double of its goal on Kickstarter. Breathe up to 10min underwater with Scorkl. Not only is it portable in the regular sense of the wor but it is . Check out the demonstration video below to learn more . The Mini-dive (Indigogo) and Scorkl (Kickstarter) are small, 0. It would be one thing for a certified diver who understands those risks to purchase such a product, but allowing the use of compressed air underwater, without training and without additional safety. The team that designed the Scorkl had hoped to raise $25on Kickstarter, but have easily surpassed that goal, raking in more than $170in just a few short days.

That means the device will go into production later this year and should be available to purchase in October at an estimated price of $300. The SCORKL is a portable oxygen container that lets you experience the scuba diving experience with the portability of snorkeling equipment. To use it, first, you refill the SCORKL with a hand pump or even an actual scuba tank.

Dive Time: 6-Minutes. It looks like a lot of fun doesn’t it?

The Scorkl can be taken on the plane (unpressurized). Scuba dive without a license! As an advanced PADI scuba diver, I do not support this device whatsoever.

This new Kickstarter device is a potential dangerous device for the untrained scuba diver.