Scorkl is lightweight, portable, refillable via hand pump and gives you up to 10min underwater. Breathe up to 10min underwater with Scorkl. Read the opinion of influencers.

Discover alternatives like Trident Drone and Powerray Underwater Drone. The Scorkl is safe, easy and for everyone. However, if you are not a trained scuba diver there are restrictions.

The handheld device is basically a shrunk-down scuba tank with an attached breathing mouthpiece. Simply pump up the little yellow canister with its specially designed hand pum. While the Scorkl works much like those redundant scuba systems, it also allows refilling via a floor pump, so you can fill it with air using just a little elbow grease.

Many of you dream of experiencing one day scuba diving but may be you do not have the budget to rent equipment and a dive guide. May be the solution is just here for you. An Australian company Scorkl wants to revolutionize the market with its easy-to-use mini diving bottle. SCUBA canister with its specially designed hand pump for up to ten minutes of underwater breathing.

Even before Bond put a high-tech rebreather in his mouth during the classic Thunderbolt, people have been trying to come up with clever ways to stay underwater longer and with less equipment.

Check it out if you want to have fun! You may have tried your hand at freediving. Perhaps you saved for months in the lead up to summer for a SCUBA trip on the reef. Right now, none of that matters anymore.

Aussie start-up Scorkl have changed the water sport game entirely, with a hassle-free device that allows anyone to breathe underwater . Well there is another Kickstarter project, Scorkl that just launched that is a bit more realistic providing a small, refillable air container to . Scorkl is crowdfunding on Kickstarter for their breathing device which lets a user swim underwater for around minutes. Scuba dive without a license! As an advanced PADI scuba diver, I do not support this device whatsoever. This new Kickstarter device is a potential dangerous device for the untrained scuba diver. My Airbuddy post got widely shared and the folks from Scorkl reached out and asked if I would write about their product.

Alternativ lassen sich auch mit einem Schnorchel und einer Taucherbrille ein paar Blicke unter die Wasseroberfläche werfen – doch soll es dann mal ein paar Meter tiefer gehen, heißt es Luft anhalten. Diese Lücke zwischen Schnorcheln und Sporttauchen will nun das Kickstarter-Projekt „ Scorkl “ füllen. Scorkl is a hybrid scuba and snorkeling system that combines the best elements of both sports. Scorkl is an ultra portable oxygen tank that was launched just a few hours ago, and is now funded more than double of its goal on Kickstarter.

Not only is it portable in the regular sense of the wor but it is . The high-pressure hand pump can pump to 0psi which allows the small canister to hold enough air for minutes underwater.

It easily reached its goal on . De vrijheid van duiken, maar dan zonder dure apparatuur. Hiermee kun je heel simpel minuten onder water. No heavy lifting or scuba certification required.