Sigma 1009 manual dansk

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Jørgen Sommer, år siden. Batteriefachdeckel mit einer Münze öffnen. Die Anzeige springt automatisch in den Einstellungsmodus. Please insert the battery by opening the battery. Forneça uma descrição clara do problema de modo a que possa permitir aos outros utilizadores a elaboração de uma resposta adequada.

Installation was easy and only took a few minutes. Setting up the computer functions is not difficult, despite the manual being written in English, French, and Spanish. There is a table where you select your tire size . SIGMA DATA CENTER Software and its Docking Station. Ihres Anleitung nicht gefunden?

Ihr Produkt ist kaputt und die Anleitung bietet keine Lösung mehr? Dann verschafft ein Repair Café . The SIGMA logo must always face forwards. Speed transmitter can eİther be İnstalled With Cable ties.

Without a battery, Please İnsert the battery by Opening. SYNCH RESET flashes on the display. Clear, easy-to-use, quality presentation and download of your ride data at a decent price.

This top-quality, high- visibility downloadable wireless unit is great for drop or flat-bar bikes. The setup instruction Bible is ruthlessly efficient in typically Teutonic style so . Manual pc gb,f_zw sigma sport.