Snug piercing

A snug (or antihelix piercing ) is a piercing passing through the anti-helix of the ear from the medial to lateral surfaces. Snug on BMEzine Encyclopedia. General piercing topics. A piercing placed on this part of the ear is therefore dubbed a snug piercing.

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Get snug piercing information and products from piercing specialists Blue Banana. The snug piercing is an exciting type of ear piercing, which due to its unique location became one of the favorites among piercing lovers. It is a super option to add to your current gathering of piercing!

This is yet another type of body piercing that is done in the ear. The name for this has come from the portion of the ear that is pierced. This is actually the mid portion of the ear and is located slightly above the anti tragus area. This portion is named the snug and piercing has just taken the name of the area being pierced. Here you read about our expert advice on snug piercing.

He notes that naval and septum piercings have both plateaue the nipple has slowed down, and lip piercings and dermals are as dead as your Christmas tree, he jokes. I predict that the snug , the upper lobe, and multiple constellations are going to be big. Other piercings have a more interesting story behind the naming of the piercing.

Women in London and the USA are sporting not only one ear cartilage piercing but multiple piercings in the most uncommon places like a snug piercing. The snug area of the ear is found in the lower part the antihelix. Shop for snug piercing on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods. Flexible licenses: Feel free to choose one of the free licenses stated below. Usage is free of charge, but this image is not in the public domain.

The piercing passes through the . If you would like special permission to use, or license this image please contact me to negotiate terms. Using online: For an example of reusing my images look at . Procedure I perform this piercing using forceps to support the tissue, and if I pierce toward the ear, I use a needle receiving tube to encase the needle during the jewelry transfer.