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It actually only monitors the least power hungry context. Then when that becomes true, it starts looking for the next one. But You are still right that the if statement would be the best for that. How do I move IF statements actions around?

I have been using tasker for a few days now in the trial period and I love it. It may be the best app I have used so far.

I am hoping folks on this forum can help as . In the first part of this guide I covered the basics of Tasker , and mentioned that I would go more into variables and scenes later on. According to the Tasker docs, PACTIVE contains a comma-separated list of active Profiles where the list also begins and ends with a comma to make matching easier. I can use this user created var in IF statements for AND logic. As an example I have a Tasker profile that will do different things when I use the long button press for the search key. What happens if you do a variable set and subtract the variables?

Try reversing the variables and see if you get a negative number. Have you checked the run log to see if the action is showing a error?

I think my programming experience is getting in the way of me understanding how to express if statements in tasker. Usually you wrap an IF statement around all the actions that should be conditional. So far the only place I can find to express IF . Statement of assets and liabilities. Tasker , whose spirits seemed quite recovered , stood up, and going to the drawer Walter had previously seen him open, took out some papers. There are plenty of copies.

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Having a profile with multiple contexts would be the easiest way to accomplish this. Remember that all contexts have to be met sequentially before the task(s) will fire. Also, the Wifi Connected context will accept multiple SSIDs by using pattern matching.

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This task has certain requirements of the Tasker. The percentage of accepted . We do this by making use of the IF statement which is an important feature found all throughout Tasker. In this lesson we use Variables in .