Tank cure

WELKOM OP DE TANK CURE INTERNET SITE. Op deze site vindt u informatie over TANK CURE produkten voor de behandeling van brandstoftanks. Buiten zeer gerichte produktinformatie bieden we veel algemene informatie over het toepassen van coatings om benzine- en olietanks te dichten.

Wij bieden u verder de . WELCOME ON THE TANK CURE WEB SITE.

This site suppies you with information about TANK CURE tank sealant for treatment of the inside of fuel tanks. Besides specific product information you will also find very useful general information on the application of sealants in fuel tanks. You will also have the possibility to . Tank Cure is in use for years now in sheet metal tanks! Tanks manufactured from polyethylene or polypropylene (soft plastic) will give trouble for most of the sealants. The adhesion of this kind of materials is very poor.

First try a very small quantity (drops) on a spot of the tank where you can remove it easily.

Special cleaner for petrol residue. Pour into tank and shake thoroughly after closing the filler opening. Keep cleaner inside for several hours. Shake the tank regularly.

After removal of the cleaner wash tank inside with water. Dry tank thoroughly before further handling. Keep rust remover inside for several hours at room temperature.

TANK CURE products enable you to recondition the inside of your fueltank in a professional way. Removes rust from steel tanks. This petrol resistant Tank Sealant is adopted on a large scale. Use this strong cleaning fluid to degrease the tank. It is advisable to always use Tank Cleaner before applying new sealant, as it will guarantee a good adhesion of the new sealant to the surface of the petrol tank.

This is especially true for two-stroke engines, where the use of a cleaner . Solvent free two component epoxy coating with excellent fuel and oil resistance. Can be used on the inside of metal tanks In order to guaran. Floating is good for humanity.

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StarsI first learned of floating (also called sensory deprivation tanks) from watchi. Description This is a strong cleaning fluid to degrease your tank. We advise to always use this product because it will guarantee a good adhesion of the sealant to the surface of the patrol tank.

Especially if you apply the sealant in a tank for a two stroke engine it is nessesary to use the tank cleaner first. If you are like most people these days you are overschedule and always connected. We have so many demands on our time.

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