Thermal paste test

This much-needed update to our thermal paste round-up now includes contenders. He tests and reviews CPUs, GPUs, games and headsets. In total I tested different thermal pastes on air and also using liquid nitrogen at different temperatures. Thermal Paste Comparison.

This year I invested about 3hours to test different pastes with air-cooling and liquid nitrogen for extreme cooling – safe to say that this is the biggest and most accurate thermal paste test ever.

We tested different thermal pastes on. Your CPU needs the great care so you should buy a high-quality thermal paste at any cost. GPU test , the liquid metal arent the lowest temperature, which probably means they didnt have either good contact or enough . Arctic Silver thermal compound.

The MX-does not contain silver or other metals and as such, provides a slightly lower conductivity rating of 8. Following on from our previous articles about fan configuration and static pressure vs airflow fans, today we are looking at thermal paste. Specifically, we are hoping to find out whether or not choosing different types of thermal paste actually makes any difference.

To do this, we test products from 6 . Your thermal paste has one simple job – transfer heat between your chip and the cooler. But how well it does this depends on a few factors. First, you need to spread a thin, even layer. The testing was completely planned and conducted prior to delidding, then followed again once . Ask a non-geek about their favorite thermal paste and you might get slapped. We gathered seventeen premium thermal pastes and an overclocked test bed and set about finding out . Top of the acrylic heatsink analog, Bottom of the heatsink analog.

Back in January, I tested popular thermal pastes to see if there was a difference between high-end silver and generic paste. As it turned out, there was a difference, but just a slight one. Disassembly (factory thermal paste ): fullsizeoutput_3ec.

Cleaning it up: fullsizeoutput_3e6. JPG (Note that this bead of liquid metal was used for the CPU, GPU and the heatsinks) So I spread . As we all know, even the best cooler is ineffective without a thermal paste. We have chosen and compared four methods in our tests.

A significant change from our testing system was needed for this test session, as we needed maximum heat throughput to really see which paste comes out on top.

Consequently, I used my old personal workstation for this testing , the specifications for which are below. Typically, PC-grade thermal paste supplies the necessary bridge, but most oily household substances could temporarily suffice. I saw this was one of the top in a thermal paste test , preforms as expected. And generally the bios has a temperature page and so you can see how well you are doing.

It is surprising how well this will work. Once you have done your CPU test and have arrived at a set of equipment you want to use, it will be best to replace the grease with the proper thermal compound when you get .