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Learn to master our collaborative robots with our free online training. Everyone can join our robotics training. The six easy online training modules. Universal Robots presenta Universal Robots Academy.

The manufacturer of collaborative robots has developed online training modules to further lower the automation barrier. The hands-on modules are offered free of charge, open to all, and built to deliver hands-on learning via interactive simulations to maximize user engagement.

Through this platform, users go through six learning modules, learning how to program the UR collaborative robots. Adding to its basic training, the Academy is now launching three new modules that focus on mastering more advanced features of collaborative robots. Learning how to set up and program a collaborative robot – or cobot – no longer depends on real life access to a robot or a training class. Their easy learning modules walk you through the features and terminology, tool setup, programming, external device interaction, and even safety settings.

Collaborative robots can be configured for operation quickly with little coding. This includes teaching, simulating and post processing programs for collaborative robots (cobots). The UR Academy modules takes the student through basic tasks such as programming the UR robot . The market leader in collaborative robots has developed online training modules to further lower the automation barrier.

Ever tried to program a robot?

And even if you already have some experience with robot programming, you might still benefit from a . Dividida en seis módulos de aprendizaje, este nuevo programa de e-Learning está diseñado para ofrecer a ingenieros . Attualmente sono oltre 14. Cost-effective, flexible, safe, and easy-to-use collaborative robots (cobots) are just the ticket to give your business greater control. These free robot programming modules deliver hands-on learning via interactive simulations that lower the automation barrier in small to mid-sized shops. Visitors are given insights through applications from labeling, pickplace and assembly, implemented with the robot arms UR URand UR10.

It is an online training platform where we offer free education in robot programming,” he details. It is designed for both novices and those with some experience who would benefit from a . As the world of robotic automation continues to grow, so too will the number of automation jobs. Prerequisite Course(s):. Skal undgå kompetencekløft.

Academy lancerer nu tre helt nye moduler, der fokuserer på at beherske nogle af de samarbejdende robotters mere avancerede egenskaber. Join Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences and the Shakespeare Theatre Company for a staged reading of R. Czech writer Karel Capek which introduced the word robot into the English language. The reading runs approximately two and a half hours and includes a 15 . Además de su entrenamiento básico, la plataforma está anunciando tres nuevos módulos que se enfocan en dominar funciones más avanzadas de robots . De online trainingen zijn beschikbaar in het Engels, Spaans, Duits, Frans en Chinees.

Online academy for everyone.

Deze modules hebben betrekking op het configureren van hulpstukken die aan een robotarm worden bevestig het .