We promise you an authentic, free and unbiased experience, and a rock-soli long-running server. For those who are contemplating coming back to DAOC and need some visual encouragement, you can watch my Stream. I started watching DAOC on Twitch a little, missed it, and started playing again.

Our mission: Delivering the best quality and most accurate DAoC gameplay! Dark Age of Camelot – Uthgard. Bringing you back to the glory times of DAoC!

Features: o Old RAs o Patchlevel 1. Based on player feedback we want to announce changes intended to increase play options and enjoyment of all on Uthgard. Fighter: Armsman Paladin Mercenary Reaver. Rogue: Infiltrator Minstrel Scout. Mage: Cabalist Sorcerer.

Elementalist: Theurgist Wizard. Naturalist: Bard Druid Warden. Guardian: Blademaster Hero Champion.

Magician: Eldritch Enchanter Mentalist. Created with RaphaÃl 2. Last Days RP Distribution. See what people are saying and join the conversation. Jan Hey all, Has anyone tried the new classic daoc relaunched server uthgard yet?

Seems very popular, I recall enjoying lots of RvR relic fights back. Jan Classis DAoC freeshard. May Where do you live and what realm are you going to play?

Feb Scroll further down to see our currently updated roster! They are working on implementing and fixing everything they talked about for years but never got around to until now, such as;. Our staff are neutral, fair, and have put an incredible amount of time into building this great server. Almost 1 classic DAoC freeshard. Uthgard is coming back with a vengeance this Friday.

Player horse mounts were added to the server. After picking what your character looks like, can you change that later? Have positive feedback from ptrades in the past, got a few plat on my farmer in uthgard. Updated – – First customer yesterday: Had his coin in hand within minutes of payment!

The astute among you will note that the queue data is missing.

In the coming days, I will be putting up a beta page with a new way to plot. Character: (or press Enter).