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Find an alluring, fun, and flavorful bottle of VINIQ Liqueur near you. By just taking one glance at the bottle, you will be definitely sure that this liqueur is one of the most exciting drinks in recent times: Viniq. Available in 1Stores.

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USA flag USA (NJ): Jersey City. Beverly Hills Liquor and Wine. Viniq – Shimmery Liqueur (750ml) $ 21. Free local shipping over $34. Extremely versatile, shake the bottle before serving chilled in a flute for a shimmery effect.

Add to your favourite cocktail or simply mix with soda. An enticing fusion of premium vodka, Moscato, and fruity flavors elegantly combined to make a shimmery liqueur. To catch some attention with this delicious, mesmerizing purple .

An Enticing Fusion Of Premium Vodka, Moscato, and Fruity Flavors Elegantly Combined To Make A Shimmery Liqueur. Serve It Classic By Itself, . Sweet, refreshing, and glamorous, VINIQ s purple shimmer catches your eye before it hits your glass. SHIMMERY LIQUEUR – VINIQ ORIGINAL. Bursting with peach, berry and citrus flavors, it s. Had to buy more, this time because it taste so good. I hid the bottle so that I . Strawberry, red berry, and tropical orange flavors with a one-of-a-kind shimmer in a drink.

Ruby is best served over ice mixed with sparkling wine, club soda, or any of your other favorite mixers ! Watching the sparkles swirl around the bottles is so mesmerizing. So one day, after I left the store with my $wine, . Order your bottle of this beautiful liqueur now from our shop at Urban Drinks! Fresh, ripe and juicy peach flavors layered with apricot and floral notes for a well-balanced sweet and sour mouthfeel. The high overall peach flavor lingers in the aftertaste and finishes clean and fresh on the palate.

To this day I still prefer the less-fine alcoholic things in life, as you might discover if you buy me a goblet of Belgian Tripel and I return the favor with a glass brimming with clean, refreshing PBR. Search our inventory to find the best viniq at the best prices. Enjoy Original on the rocks mixed with lemonade, lemon-lime soda or your favourite bubbly.

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