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Backed by over years of grilling know-how, Weber takes grilling to the next level with app connected technology. No more wondering if your food is done or when the perfect moment is to flip your steak. Let us focus on the key to a . Download the iGrill App , connect, and open up a new world of endless barbecue opportunities.

From preset temperature guides to state-of-the-art smart.

From Weber-Stephen Products, LLC: Backed by over years of grilling know- how, Weber takes grilling to the next level with connected technology. Knowing exactly when to take your meat off the grill has never been easier. Because it uses Bluetooth 4. There are few things in the world more satisfying than a meal prepared on your backyard barbecue. Take the guesswork out of grilling with the iGrill Mini digital Bluetooth thermometer.

Weber iGrill – The Ultimate Grilling App. The iGrill Mini monitors food from beginning to en and notifies you once it has reached the perfect temperature to take off the grill.

Alarm would sound if it went above or below. That feature is now gone. The iGrill system provides an engaging experience that takes the guesswork out of grilling. Through smart temperature monitoring, any griller will be confident to cook great food for friends and family. Select the kind of meat or recipe you want to track from the free app and leave the iGrill next to your braai.

Begin augustus bracht Weber versie 4. Grill – app uit, waarmee ze nieuwe functies en weergave-opties beloofden. Maar in werkelijkheid waren er allerlei functies verdwenen. Tien dagen later bracht Weber al versie 4. The newest grilling essential – the iGrill digital Bluetooth thermometer monitors food from beginning to en displaying the realtime temperature on your mobile device. Grill is Weber technology, so it will alert you to time, temperature, and doneness. It reveals you the correct temperature of the meat and will notify you with audio and video alerts.

Devices has announced that its app -enabled iGrill and Kitchen Thermometer accessories have been acquired by Weber -Stephen Products, a worldwide. Mit ähnlichen Artikeln vergleichen . Shop iGrill Thermometer.

Meet the future of meat grilling. From the moment your meat is placed on the cooking grate, to the second it reaches the perfect temperature to plate, the iGrill has your back. Total number of five star reviews received: 168. This app has been rated .